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10,000 Steps

10,000 steps

So, I know 10,000 steps is a healthy daily goal but will it help me lose any weight?

You’ve got your watch that counts your steps, you’re actively taking walks on your lunch break. But why 10,000?

It might surprise you to learn that the magic number is actually the relic of a 60s Japanese marketing campaign for, yep, you guessed it, a pedometer. Crafty. Clever. Credible. It depends.

When it comes to losing weight (if that’s your aim), increasing your step count can lower your body fat but not all steps are created equal.

The higher the intensity of the workout, the more significant your weight loss will be. Not only will you burn more kilojoules overall, but your metabolic rate increases and remains high for hours after.

Regardless of your goal, experts at IFA agree that you reap rewards when you get your heart rate up on foot: research suggests it could reduce your risk of early death by 15 per cent.

To make your 10,000 steps go the distance, Marien suggests alternating between walking and running and working inclines into your day. And, yes, running up the stairs on your way to bed counts.

10 ways to get in your 10,000 steps:

  1. Get a dog. Nothing will get you out of the house faster than a puppy that needs to do some business. …
  2. Take the stairs. …
  3. Take a moving break. …
  4. Park far away. …
  5. Take the long way. …
  6. Take a post-meal walk. …
  7. Get off the bus or train one (or two) stops early.
  8. Play with your kids
  9. Walk and talk
  10. Get off the bus early
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