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Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification



The #1 rated Precision Nutrition Certification is everything you need to successfully coach nutrition—in one proven system.  Gain a deeper understanding of nutrition, the authority to coach it, and the ability to turn what you know into results for yourself and your clients.

Master the latest in the science of nutrition | Feel confident and qualified to coach anyone

IFA has partnered with Precision Nutrition (PN), the world’s largest online nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching and certification company. Through the partnership, IFA will be offering PN’s full suite of nutrition, change psychology, and health certificates, courses, and software to students and graduates of IFA’s training fitness education program. Together, the two companies will help set the standard for fitness professionals’ education and career progressions in Australia, Southeast Asia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification

A deep understanding of nutrition, the authority to coach it, and the ability to turn what you know into results.

The PN Level 1 Certification will teach you all that, including the methodology we’ve tested, refined, and proven with over 100,000 coaching clients.

Precision Nutrition

Study from home, at your own pace

No deadlines. Works with even the busiest schedule.

Precision Nutrition

Coach clients online or in person

Gain the flexibility to run your business from anywhere in the world.

Precision Nutrition

Master the art of behavior-change coaching

Precision Nutrition’s proven method have been validated in 3 peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Precision Nutrition

Earn a great living doing what you love

PN graduates earn 11% more than those with other certifications!

Precision Nutrition

Join a thriving coaching network

Connect to thousands of fellow students and top experts to get answers and support.

The #1 rated PN Certification gives you the knowledge and skills you need to transform people's health and lives forever.

Imagine how good it would feel to have confidence in your nutrition knowledge… to finally feel qualified to give nutrition advice… and to feel ready to coach anyone to better health and fitness.

The research is clear: To help people get the results they want, the best place to focus is on their nutrition.

But understanding nutrition science is only a small part of what it takes to get people the results they deserve. It only matters if you also know how to help someone change their behavior.

The Precision Nutrition Certification is the only program in the world that teaches you both. And our knowledge isn’t based on theory.

Precision Nutrition are the originators of behavior-change nutrition coaching, and since 2005 have coached over 100,000 clients. (No other nutrition certification company does this.)

Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification

Precision Nutrition know what works, because they coach real people every single day.

That’s why they’re the #1 recommended nutrition coaching certification in the world, with over 150,000 health and fitness professionals choosing to get certified by them.

In the Precision Nutrition Certification, you’ll learn a proven and practical system that shows you exactly what to do at every stage of the nutrition coaching process—from the very first time you meet with a client, until they reach all their goals.

No matter where you’re at in your career, you can become Precision Nutrition Certified… and learn how to coach nutrition in the most effective way possible.

And you can use your new coaching skills to earn a great living doing what you love, either full-time or as a flexible side business.


Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification

Get the latest science, the latest practice—the very best nutrition education anywhere.

Since we first launched the Precision Nutrition Certification, we’ve been recognized as the world’s most definitive source on the science of nutrition and the art of behavior-change coaching.

Indeed, over 2 million people passionate about fitness and nutrition visited our website last month. That’s enough to fill the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium 20 times over. Yet we’re never satisfied with yesterday’s success.

Nutrition science is dynamic, new discoveries are made almost daily. And that’s just on the research side. As we continue to coach clients (over 100,000 of them to date), we’re discovering new methods of helping them achieve real, lasting behavior change. That’s why we’re constantly updating the course curriculum.

Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification

3 textbooks—in a beautiful box set—with the latest research in nutrition and behavior-change psychology.

The Level 1 Certification comes in three unit textbooks, beautifully packaged in a box set for easy reference. Unit 1 teaches you the unique and proven Precision Nutrition approach to coaching. Unit 2 teaches you the science of nutrition in an easy-to-understand format. And Unit 3 gives you a step-by-step process to apply everything you’ve learned, from coaching to business strategies, so you can get immediate results. Plus, it’s easy to carry from your house, to the car, to the gym—so you can study anywhere!

Animated videos, one for each textbook chapter, to boost your understanding and your retention.

Each video seminar corresponds with each textbook chapter. They’ll help you better learn the material… and better retain what you learned. Watch (and re-watch) whenever you like.

Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification

Over 40 assessment forms and questionnaires to help you better understand your clients’ needs, and unlock their potential.

Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to our premium nutrition coaching tools and forms, so you can get better results with your clients from Day 1.

Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification

Precision Nutrition Calculator, Professional Edition

Built specifically for our students, this is the most comprehensive calorie, portion, and macro calculator available anywhere. Simply enter your client’s details, goals, and eating preferences—and this tool will produce a beautiful, personalized eating guide within minutes. This pro version is full of advanced features and customization options—giving you the ability to coach at the highest level.

Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Certification

Online community of like-minded coaches and top experts.

You’ll learn alongside an extremely supportive group of health enthusiasts from around the world—including top strength coaches and personal trainers, world-class yoga instructors, doctors from a variety of disciplines, and more.

Connect daily with experienced coaches, fellow students, and even textbook authors. Ask questions, join optional study groups, troubleshoot specific coaching scenarios, and get advice whenever you need it.

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