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Personal Training – The Career For Stay At Home Mums

Finding a career that combines both work and family can be tricky, because let’s face it, we don’t live in a world where employers offer a Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm work schedule. It’s just not realistic.

However, there is a way stay at home mums can find that balance, while starting a rewarding new business.

The International Fitness Academy is the No.1 choice for mums looking for a new career and who are passionate about the health and fitness industry. IFA’s praised online courses enable stay at home mums to fit study around their child’s needs, training from the comfort of their home to become a personal trainer.

One of our students, Kate, started studying the the International Fitness Academy shortly after her son’s first birthday. She said the online course enabled her to fulfil her dream while caring for her son full-time.

“I have always been interested in personal training as a career but never really saw it as an option because studying takes up so much time,” she said. “However, since starting with the International Fitness Academy, I have been able to quality in my Certificate III and have already started my Certificate IV, right from my kitchen bench!

“The online course is fantastic and Rhys (the trainer) is so helpful. I would recommend the course to any new mum who is searching for a new career and has a passion for fitness.”

For stay at home mums, personal training is a career choice that allows you to choose your own hours and how much you earn while helping others in a diverse, flexible and rewarding environment.

Once you have achieved the certification required, you can choose what path you want to go down. You may wish to cater to group fitness, offering evening boot camp  courses that allow mums to bring their kids with them. Or you may wish to specialise in helping mums-to-be with safe prenatal exercises.

You may prefer to set up a training circuit in your back yard or garage if you have the space or you may wish to meet clients at home, catering to their needs as parents. This all depends on what angle you take.

Sign up with the International Fitness Academy today for just $40/week and #thiscouldbeyourlife.


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