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Certificate III in Fitness qualification

Why you should get your Certificate III in Fitness qualification

If you want to work in health and fitness you need your Certificate III in Fitness.

And now it’s more critical than ever.

Sporting clubs, gyms and centres around Australia are having to enforce rules aimed at fitness coaches to ensure the safety of athletes and club members.

These rules may require any coach of a club or gym who is coaching more than 1 athlete to obtain their Certificate III in Fitness.

But lucky for you, we are now offering our Certificate III qualification at a discounted $1500 this month!!

If you are interested in gaining your Group Fitness Instruction certificate, contact our team today!

The Certificate III in Fitness course will prepare you to:

• Fitness screen and assess athletes

• Monitor a athlete’s fitness level and development

• Provide fitness training to a single athlete or group of athletes in a supervised and low risk setting

• Provide advice on exercise and exercise equipment

• Deliver first aid.

Some of the topics you will study include:

• Anatomy and Physiology and the basics of Exercise Science

• Client screening and assessment

• Principles of healthy eating

• Instructing exercise

• Planning exercise

• First Aid

• Fitness Course Instructor Specialisations

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