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10 Signs It’s Time To Turn Your Healthy Habit Into A Career

For some of us, a love of everything health, nutrition and mind goes a little beyond the realm of a hobby.

We spend all our free time obsessed with improving our overall health, even while asleep – and wearing a Fitbit… just so we know we are getting the optimal amount of sleep!

If you can relate, but you’re not sure what it means, here are 10 sure signs to know if you’re likely meant to do something a little different with your life – perhaps a career in Nutrition?

    1. Family and friends are constantly commenting on your diet, and asking “What’s that green stuff you’re drinking?” and, “I have to come to your place for dinner so you can show me a few tricks!

    2. You sign up to podcasts and blogs about nutrition, secretly saying to yourself: “I could do this a little different and possibly better!”

    3. You wear a fitness watch and actively check if you have closed all your rings… and take a walk late at night to make sure you achieved your daily goal.
    4. You feel a teensy-weensy bit jealous when you see health business owners and industry leaders talking about things you want to talk and teach about.

    5. You can’t live without a Magic Bullet or blender, and even have one stashed in your drawer at work.

    6. People always ask you for fitness tips because they see how hard you work on your health.

    7. You read only about health and personal growth – not romance.

    8. You start your day religiously with lemon and water.
    9. You surround yourself with others who care as much as you do about the nutritional value of food, benefits of exercise and meditation.

    10. You desperately want to study nutrition and fitness, and if you were to choose a new career you’d definitely go into teaching nutrition, but you think it’s too late…’

… but it’s not! So get out there and start living your dream life!

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