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4 Easy Ways Trainers can Help Clients to Avoid Injuries

4 Easy Ways Trainers can Help Clients to Avoid Injuries

Injuries are dreaded, but they’re also unfortunately an unavoidable part of life for people who workout regularly. As a coach, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your clients are safe from injury. Thankfully there are a number of ways to keep on top of this:

Focus on communication
As a coach or trainer, it’s so important you open the floodgates of communication between you and your clients. Injuries are widely avoidable if communication moves freely, so get your client comfortable talking from the get go!

Cross Train
When clients seek the help of a fitness coach or trainer, they’ll likely turn up with a few goals in mind. Hit all of those targets and avoid injury by cross training and changing up their routines and activities. The client’s muscles and joints will thank you as they remain uninjured!

Implement a solid warm up
As a fitness coach, you’ll be well aware that it is never a great idea to workout with cold muscles. Ensure your client is appropriately warmed up by engaging them in an invigorating activity that they enjoy.

Make sure your client is wearing proper attire
One of the most common causes for injury is the use of improper workout attire. If your client’s running shoes seem like they’re one lunge away from falling apart, encourage them to go ahead and buy a new pair. It’s true that many injuries arise from wearing the wrong kind of shoes, so make sure your client is aware of this!

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