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Benefits of incorporating outdoor training into your client's sessions

Benefits of incorporating outdoor training into your client’s sessions

We all know that sunshine boosts our moods, our health and our overall life, but how can we incorporate that into our personal training sessions? One of the keys to a successful personal training business is to think outside of the box, so consider taking your client on an adventure to the great outdoors!

There’s a lot of benefit in helping clients to adapt to alternative surroundings – it helps create a more well-rounded approach to overall health and can boost their mood! Adaptability is also a great skill for personal trainers to have.

Switching to an outdoor training session has a multitude of benefits for both you and your client. Here are some of the best:

Physical health: 

  • Working out in nature often motivates people to want to exercise for longer
  • Vitamin D exposure assists in overall health and wellness
  • Fresh air is beneficial to overall wellness, trumping gym air-conditioning
  • Completing a fitness routine outside can lead to an increase in energy levels, compared to completing the same routine indoors

Mental health: 

  • Overall, nature lowers stress and mental fatigue. This is also helped by the colours of nature and vitamin D!
  • Being outdoors can improve confidence
  • Symptoms of depression are often eased thanks to regular outdoor exposure
  • Those who exercise often outdoors are more likely to enjoy it, meaning they will stick to their routines and health journeys
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