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Creative ways to catch up with friends

Creative ways to catch up with friends

Finding time to fit in exercising and socialising can be a daunting task – between being busy with work schedules and family responsibilities, it can be hard to manage all of life’s curveballs.

So why not make life more simple by combining the two and injecting some socialising into your workouts? Working out together and achieving goals is a great way to foster new friendships and make existing ones stronger. We’ve done the hard yards for you – we’ve come up with four fun and creative ways to blend socialising and exercise:

1. Get outside
Skip happy hour for a happy skippy hour. Organise with friends to meet at an outdoor location, whether it’s the park or the beach. Have a route planned that is comfortable for all involved, and finish it up near your favourite local juice bar and replace the booze with a juice!

2. Whip out the yoga mat
Not up for a run? Weather not too great? Why not push all the furniture to the wall and unroll the yoga mat, pop the kettle on and invite some friends around.

Yoga is great for building core strength as well as mental agility, and courses can be found online with varying difficulty levels so no experience or gurus are needed!

3. Game it up
Whether you’re a nuclear family or a tight knit group of friends, why not pull out the cricket set, soccer ball or Frisbee and let the games begin? Before you know it you and your whole crew will be at the park with the energy of an Origin night. Let’s face it – there’s no better way to work out than to have a laugh with your mates.

4. Lace your walking shoes up
As one of the most effective workouts you can do, walking is the perfect way to catch up with friends, too.

Walked the neighbourhood too many times? Why not shake things up and head on a hike? Call your friends beforehand to discuss and organise the right trek to suit the ability of the group (hopefully one with a waterfall at the end) and get going! Trekking is an amazing activity – combining exercise with exploring nature is the perfect group activity.

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