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Customer service and how it is key to being a personal trainer

Customer service and how it is key to being a personal trainer

While people approach personal trainers for their expertise in fitness, training and health, great customer service is an integral skill that every business owner needs to conquer. The key to finding success in your personal training business is employing the right customer service techniques: without this, regardless of how great your training skills are, your business will fall flat. Offering your clients the best possible customer service will determine whether they repeatedly come back for your service, or whether they take their health journey elsewhere. Here are some of the key ways to provide great customer service as a personal trainer:

Form a great relationship 
The scaffold of good customer service is in the rapport. When you first meet your client, you should be approachable and transparent. You might want to look at it like meeting a new friend: don’t just stick to talking shop, get to know them a little as well. The sooner you build a thriving client trainer relationship, the sooner your client will reap the full benefits of your service.

Stay in contact
Now you have a relationship with your client, keep up the momentum. Don’t just engage with them at their sessions, make an effort to contact them (with their permission) between sessions too. This shows dedication, honesty and interest in your progress and can give them the support they are after.

Listen from the get go
Although you’re the expert in health and fitness, they are the expert of their own goals and their body. It’s obviously important to talk about your ideas and plans for their sessions, but be sure to give them the space to talk too. You should listen to their goals, as well as their thoughts and feelings toward them. You’ll likely find that the more you listen, the more they’ll be willing to open up.

Be passionate
Part of building a great rapport with your clients is celebrating their wins with them. When clients are about to reach a goal, show your enthusiasm for working with them and get them motivated by talking about the next steps. They’ll love your passion and attention to detail!

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