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Five Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

When we feel sick, we call the doctor, and when we have a leaky pipe, we call the plumber. So when 30 minutes of cardio training and a stop in the weight room doesn’t generate the fitness results we want, why not turn to a professional who can coach us through the rut?

Here are five reasons why you should consult a personal trainer.

1. Accurate evaluation:  Personal trainers evaluate your fitness goals to design a progressive program that will get you where you want to go. This starts with a thorough evaluation of your current fitness level that can be duplicated in the months that follow. Your trainer will make sure you know just how much you’ve improved.

2. Motivation:  Not only do trainers make great exercise buddies, they offer a no-excuses attitude to motivate you to continue working toward your goals.

3. Perfect positioning:  Head neutral, back flat, core tight, shoulders retracted – these are some of the instructions your personal trainer is likely to command. Just don’t take them lightly. Better body positioning on cardio and strength-training equipment will help you maximise each movement and avoid injury.

4. Education:  A personal trainer knows the why behind every squat, curl and crunch you make and how it will get you one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.

5. Follow through:  Your personal trainer is invested in your success, too. When confidence waivers, your trainer will be there to pick you up and keep you going

At the International Fitness Academy, we offer the nation’s most comprehensive courses in Personal Training. Our students have the options to study both online and in the classroom, giving them the flexibility and assurances needed to complete the course in their own time, with confidence.

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