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Hooray for information!

Whether you are just starting your course or are smashing your way through it, we want to help you make the most of your experience and provide some handy little tips and tricks to using the online platform.
We are lucky enough to now be able to supply you with everything in the one platform – so handy!

In each section you will find your best friend / study buddy “The Resources Folder”. In here you will find PDF files and powerpoint slides which relate directly to each section of the course, and reading through this will seriously help you throughout the course – well, because most of the content in the assessments are in here!

Remember you are studying a Nationally Recognised Qualification, so we are not about to give you all the answers. so be prepared to research online for information you can’t find in the resources we have provided. After all, it’s the real world we are preparing you for!
 Good luck students and keep studying hard! Remember if you are ever stuck to call the team at IFA on
1300 659 275 or email courses@internationalfitnessacademy.com.au and your trainer will be in contact as soon as possible.
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