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How to find your perfect personal trainer

How to find your perfect personal trainer

When you begin your fitness journey and decide you want to work with a personal trainer, exciting times lie ahead! But before you can revel in your new found journey, you’ll need to find the personal trainer that’s right for you. It’s not always easy and it make a world of difference, so read on for our quick guide to finding your perfect personal trainer:

Know what you’re looking for
Understanding your goals and reasons for taking the plunge into a fitness journey is one of the most important first steps to finding a great personal trainer. Different personal trainers often offer up different sectors of expertise, so finding one that fits your personal goals is paramount. Whether you’re looking to get fit, build leg muscles or run a marathon, your personal trainer can help you get there – if they’re right for you!

Decide where you want to train
We’re in the middle of a pandemic, so choosing the right environment for your training sessions is integral. You might like to train at a chain gym that offers multiple locations – this is perfect for those who are flexible and often find themselves in different parts of town! Maybe you like to choose between hitting the gym after work or before work in the morning. Smaller gyms are a great other option for those who don’t like their workout space crowded, or those looking to build a strong and close knit community.

For those who want to workout at home, why not use an app or hire a personal trainer over the internet? Anything is possible in a pandemic!

Trial it out!
Regardless of credentials or reviews, sometimes a personality clash can change everything. Before locking yourself into a contract without testing the waters first, book a consultation with your prospective personal trainer and see what it’s like! Maybe they’re not completely aligned with your fitness goals, or maybe you simply just don’t get along. Whatever it is, testing out your match with a consultation session is a perfect step to finding a personal trainer. Most consultations last around 15-20 minutes, so make sure you come prepared with a few questions in mind!

Talk openly and communicate 
After you’ve had your consultation, you might decide your new personal trainer is a great fit! If you do, it’s time to sit down and set realistic, tangible goals with your new trainer. The key here is being open and transparent, and keeping up the momentum of communication. A good personal trainer should be willing to hear your worries, concerns and ideas and help you implement them!

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