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How to fit fitness into your day as a stay at home mum

How to fit fitness into your day as a stay at home mum

Being a stay at home mum is one of the world’s hardest and most underrated jobs, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your fitness routine! With a little bit of organisation, creativity and motivation, there’s an abundance of ways to get sweating and stay healthy and fit. By making time for your fitness routine, you’re also bound to reap a realm of health opportunities for your mental and physical health. Here’s how you can add a fitness routine to your busy days:

Get the kids involved

It might sound like a mission, but getting active with the kids can be a delightful way to fit in your fitness routine. Why not get them to copy your workout? For example, if you’re lifting dumbbells, roll up some socks and have them mimic your movements! Little moments like this can make fitness a fun and lighthearted activity for the both of you. Not only is this a great way to make room for your own fitness, but you’re also helping your little one create healthy habits when it comes to fitness, routines and health!

Lean on your community

While this one isn’t accessible for everyone, it can make a world of a difference for those lucky enough to have a strong network close by. Whether it’s neighbours, relatives or friends who live nearby, there’s so much to gain from leaning in communally and sharing the load. If your friends or neighbours have kids, even better! Why not take it in turns to watch the kids for an hour, leaving mum to go to the gym or dance up a storm?

Take a walk outside!

While being a stay at home mum is rewarding, sometimes the four walls of your home can feel a bit stagnant. Kick your routine to the curb and squeeze in a workout by taking the kids outside for a walk! Not only will it give you the space and time to workout with bub in tow, but it will also be amazing for your mental health!

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