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How to help clients train for an event or specific goal

How to help clients train for an event or specific goal

People seek out fitness instructors for a number of reasons: from general fitness, to injury recovery to training for a specific goal, there’s no one-size-fits all approach. For clients that are looking to train for an event or target a very specific goal, it’s vital that fitness instructors are on the same page as the client.

One of the first steps to helping clients achieve specific goals is to flesh it out with them. Goal setting is often taken lightly, but successfully targeting specific achievements is complex and requires a lot of elaborating and collaborating.

In the beginning, the most important tactic you can employ to help a client in achieving a fitness goal is motivational interviewing. You need to completely understand the why, when, what and how of your client’s goals, and that is only achievable if you communicate. Figure out what motivates your client, and dig deep into their why’s. Why do they want to join this event? What are they looking to get out of it? What role does it play in their overall fitness journey? What does fitness mean to them? Find out what makes your client tick and use this information to help them achieve their goals.

After you have fleshed out their wants and needs, it’s time to transfer this motivation into actionable items. This will involve keeping your client motivated, creating fitting challenges and keeping your client accountable, depending on what their goals are.

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