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How to help clients who have never exercised before

How to help clients who have never exercised before

People seek the help of personal trainers for a myriad of reasons, from wanting to shed some kilograms to toning up muscles or simply to address their overall wellness. Regardless of their goals, some clients have never maintained an exercise routine before, and it’s likely that they will be subject to both conscious and subconscious barriers that get in the way of their fitness goals. It’s vital you’re set up to support them so they can kick their habits to the curb. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Figure out their why
For clients at the beginning of their exercise journeys, the ‘why’ is an integral part to staying motivated and consistent. Having a clear and fleshed out goal in mind that is incorporated into every session is the first and most important step to staying on track and keeping up the pace.

Help them feel their ‘why’
Once you are completely immersed in your client’s goals and why they want to achieve them, help them get a glimpse of it. If they’re looking to lose weight and tone their muscles, help them set shorter term goals that will encourage them to keep up the steam when it comes to their long term goals. Once they know how it feels to have achieved a sense of accomplishment, barriers to their fitness goals will slowly fall away and they’ll be more motivated than ever before.

Change the way they look at exercise
A lot of people who have never maintained an exercise routine before view exercise as a chore. A great way to motivate new clients to keep up their routine is to shift the way that they view exercise in their minds. Exercise is a stepping stone to living a happier, healthier and more wholesome life – so show your clients this, and keep up the dialogue about it!

Trial different types of exercise with them
Regardless of client goals, there’s hundreds of different exercises and routines to trial. While some people may find they enjoy moving in general, other clients may prefer a very specific type of exercise routine – and they may not even know it yet! If your client is struggling to enjoy the sessions, it might be time to try out a different type of routine. Not every type of exercise is suitable for every person, so lay the options out on the table for them and they’re bound to find something that resonates with them!

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