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How to help your clients create New Years Resolutions that stick

How to help your clients create New Years Resolutions that stick

It’s that time of the year again – hopes are high, we’re all tired and the new year is creeping around the corner. After a long and difficult year, many of us are going to be setting New Years resolutions that we hope to achieve. As personal trainers, we play a significant role in the New Years resolutions of our clients, and are in a position to help them achieve said goals.

As the year comes to an end and goals are set, there’s never been a better time to be proactive with our clients. Here are some great ways you can help your clients create New Years Resolutions that stick:

Ensure client goals are achievable 
When setting goals, there’s one basic rule: always set goals that are attainable. It keeps up client motivation, gives them a greater sense of accomplishment and zooms into the intricacies of an overall healthy life. Lay out long-term goals and then break that up into smaller, more achievable mini-goals. Every little step counts!

Find out how they tick 
Every client gains motivation in a different way, so figure out what makes them tick and work with that. For example your client may be motivated by rewards. Together, you can create goals that work and induce motivation. They might get to have a date night with their partner if they achieve their micro-goals or training for the week, meaning they’ll be more motivated than ever to keep pushing.

Create a community
New Years Resolutions are tricky – everyone sets them, but most of us don’t stick to them. The secret could be in accountability! You might want to create a community surrounding New Years goals at your gym (or if you’re online, your clientele) and get everyone involved. Be sure to make it inclusive and welcoming – but incite a little healthy competition if your clients are up for it! Anything is achievable with the support of accountability and camaraderie!

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