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How to help your clients stay fit between sessions

How to help your clients stay fit between sessions

One of the most important elements of a fitness journey is recognising that the fight doesn’t begin and end during sessions. Clients who are dedicated to maintaining their goals will likely reach out to you for inspiration on how they can keep up the momentum between sessions, especially if their sessions are not regular. There are so many different ways to help your client continue to commit to their goals between sessions, but here are two of the most important ones:

  1. Give them at-home routines and exercises to completeMany clients don’t want to stop moving between sessions, so one of the most supportive things you can do is give them workouts to complete at home. Whether it’s a workout they can implement into their daily routine, a stretching exercise or an invigorating yoga practice, supporting clients to continue their fitness journey at home will benefit them in so many ways.
  2. Help them with their nutritionFitness goals and adequate nutrition go hand in hand, so it’s so important you’re assisting your client with their eating habits if they’re up for it. Have them track their food and beverage consumption, and help them embark on a learning journey toward understanding the importance of nutrition in their fitness journey.
  3. Be specific Your client’s at home fitness maintenance will completely depend on their goals and needs, but regardless of the methods you implement, it’s important that you are specific. Giving clients generalised instructions like ‘exercise daily, eat well and sleep well’ is too obtuse for most clients and leaves them with too many options. It’s also far more difficult to maintain motivation and routines without specific parameters, in a similar fashion to setting goals. So be specific with them and work together to create an at-home plan that works for them. Assess their goals and figure out how to keep them motivated by creating small, outlined steps that will enable them to continue working towards their goals.
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