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How to keep clients motivated through COVID-19

How to keep clients motivated through COVID-19

As COVID-19 has become a normal part of our lives, some clients may feel disheartened and struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While their fitness journey is an opportunity to centre themselves, it’s always important to remember that some clients can struggle to separate their personal lives from their training session. Here are some great ways to keep your clients motivated during the pandemic:

Keep your clients close 

Depending on where you are, you may not want to take this literally – but it’s the first step to keeping the trust in tact during uncertain times. While you have to respect that your relationship with your client is professional, it’s important that you tear down those walls and become friends with your client, too. Right now, connection is key to getting by and it may be the difference between retaining a client or losing one. Remember things they tell you, keep them motivated by noticing the little stuff and be genuine -it can only help!

Create a community space

Community is a major theme for all of us as we journey through 2021, so create a kind and accessible community space at your gym or in your clientele. Maybe you might begin to lead group sessions or you could even facilitate a meet and greet between your clients. Creating a community spirit has never been more vital in the bid to keep your clients motivated.

Keep your environment clean and safe

As COVID-19 safety is all about health and hygiene, an easy way to keep your clients motivated and coming back for more is to maintain your space. Don’t become complacent with your cleaning and safety measures just because we’re in this for the long haul. It’s more important than ever for your clients to feel safe and secure at your gym or workout space.

Implement excitement into their fitness journey 

For some, life is a little bit monotonous right now. Whether you train your clients online or in person, you can help their motivation levels by injecting some fun and excitement into their routines. Why not take the routine outside on a sunny day, or get them to write a list of no-guilt treats that they can access if they hit their personal record. 2021 is all about creating connection and remembering to let our hair down once in a while (even if it’s hard to do so), so foster this in your sessions!

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