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How To Prioritise Recovery

How To Prioritise Recovery

When you’re injured or sick, the most important thing you can prioritise is getting better. When we give our bodies the breaks it deserves, we’re able to maximise and strength and perseverance with ease. Because of this, rest and recovery is one of the most important elements of any fitness program or routine, and without recognising this we are risking our overall wellness. Here are some of the best tips for prioritising sleep and recovery:

The first step is to recognise the important role of sleep in your recovery. As the most potent time for recovery and healing, sleep provides a booster to your mental health, your hormone balance, muscle recovery and more. Try to go to bed before midnight, minimise artificial lights at least one hour before bedtime, keep cool while you sleep and wake up with the sun if possible. Maximising the efficiency of your sleep is beneficial to your overall wellbeing!

Stay hydrated!
As the backbone of wellness, hydration is critical to health, recovery, energy and overall wellbeing. Staying aware of your hydration levels is a fast track way to healing and recovery, and is so important regardless of whether you’ve been still or active. Staying hydrated lowers the stress levels of your heart, improves your skin function, memory and energy: it impacts every little function that has to do with rest and recovery.

Eat right to feel good
As the saying goes, food truly is fuel! Everything you eat either helps your body thrive or poisons it, so make sure you keep on top of your nutrition, especially when sick or injured. While recovering, avoid alcohol, processed foods and other snacks and meals that damper your body’s ability to heal. This includes deep fried foods and foods with added sugar, which are infamous for slowing down bodily functions and wreaking havoc on health. The best way to stay on top of your nutrition levels is to create a meal plan and have healthy snacks ready at hand!

Relax your mind
Enjoying low-stress activities and hobbies is just as important for recovery as relaxing your body is. Stress triggers inflammatory responses in your body that prohibit healing and recovery mechanisms from doing their job, so it’s vital you make time in your busy week for an afternoon out with your family or an hour of quiet time in your reading nook. When you relax your mind, you can relax your body!

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