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How to Stay Fit in Lockdown

How to Stay Fit in Lockdown

With Victoria plummeting back into lockdown this week, it’s worth thinking about how we can stay active and well through it all. Being stuck within the four walls of our homes (or if you’re lucky, in the four walls of your fenced backyard) can be mind boggling, draining and unmotivating to say the least. We’ve mustered up a few tips on how you can stay fit during lockdown without compromising your mental health:

Take advantage of your outdoor time
Currently, Victorians are able to get outside for two hours a day for exercise. While this is obviously far from ideal, it’s important to make the most of those two hours for your own sanity. Look around your five kilometres radius – where can you go, what can you do and how can you make these two hours an exciting adventure?

Whether you’re enjoying a socially distanced catch up with your friend, making the most of the fresh air or going to the dog park to stretch both yours and pups’ legs, there’s a number of ways you can make this two hour window exciting – you just have to get imaginative!

Reassess how you’re exercising
Unfortunately, when we’re locked inside we can’t get to the gym or the local pool, and sometimes even the park. Staying fit (and sane) during another lockdown hangs on the hinge of being creative and changing your perspective. Worked out five mornings a week at the gym? Set your alarm early during lockdown and continue that pattern, just do it in your living room! Swam a bunch of laps after work twice a week? Do some gentle yoga or pilates to keep yourself occupied!

Whatever you do, keep up the motivation
There’s no doubt that it can be hard work to keep up the motivation while in lockdown – but it truly is the secret sauce to keeping up your mental and physical health during this trying time. So keep up your regular routines, stay healthy with eating well and stay physical.

Know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
Whatever happens during this lockdown – and however hard you fall down with your workout routine – know that this won’t last forever. Before you know it, you’ll be back to hitting the gym and sweating it out or kicking laps in the pool. Lockdowns can’t last forever, but health and wellness can.

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