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How to stay fit when traveling

How to stay fit when traveling

While a lot of the world is still dealing with bouts of COVID, borders are slowly beginning to open up and allow people to travel. One of the most difficult parts of travelling is staying fit, which can only be achieved by prioritising wellness at every moment. Here are four great ways to stay fit while travelling:

Walk everywhere 
It’s hands down the easiest way to stay fit while travelling, purely because it only takes a slight shift in mindset. Never mind the workout routines or making time to sweat: avoid taxis, uber’s and public  transport and you’ll return home as fit as a whistle! Walking is one of the best general exercises for everyone, so rest assured you’ll stay trim if you keep traversing the cobblestones. For added fitness points, retain this mindset while moving from place to place with a backpack or suitcase!

Join a local class
One of the best parts of travelling is doing as the locals do, so put your feelers out there and join in on a fitness class! Whether you’re keen to sweat with some Bikram yoga, jump on a treadmill or dance around with the lights off, there’s something for everyone!

Listen to your body
While it’s important to keep moving if you’re travelling, not having a home base can put a lot of extra pressure on our bodies. It’s so important to ensure we’re listening to our bodies and giving it the time to heal if it needs to. From hiking to jet lag to simply moving around, travelling can be exhausting – make sure you go lighter or take a break if you need it!

You are what you eat
Staying fit is not just about moving – it is also determined by the food we eat! Travelling opens a glorious portal to foreign and exciting cuisines, so it’s important to keep health in mind if you’re determined to stay fit while you travel. It can be so tempting to sample all of the delicious foods (and you should!) but be careful to maintain a healthy diet. Had a delicious local carb-filled breakfast? Why not head to the local market and have fruit for lunch? Balance is key!

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