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How to stay motivated to train through winter

How to stay motivated to train through winter

With winter fast approaching, it’s worth considering the best ways to stay motivated to train in the cold. During this time, comfort foods feel like a must, our beds are cosier than the outside world and it can be simply unappealing to get up and get moving. However, in order to stay on track toward your fitness goals, it simply must be done. Here’s some of the best ways you can stay motivated to train through the winter:

Figure out what time of day works for you
Let’s face it, some of us are simply not morning people, especially in winter. If you find yourself constantly battling the alarm clock every morning and just can’t seem to do it, it might be time to rethink your approach. Shifting your workout to your lunch break or until after work might be a good idea – at least then you know you’ll get it done!

Keep warm by starting warm
It can be a shock to the system to step outside into the cold, but one of the best ways to conquer this is to warm yourself up before heading outdoors. You might like to do this by doing a few stretches. Not only is it a great way to plummet into the workout mindset, but you’ll feel so much warmer once you get going!

Think of the aftermath
It’s a well-known trick by many, but focusing on the way your mind and body will feel after you complete your workout is an amazing way to get moving. It can be so easy to succumb to being lazy, tired or in a low mood, but it’s a given that once you’re back and washing the sweat away, you’ll feel on top of the world.

Turn your errands into a workout
For busy bees looking to hit two birds with one stone, this might be the perfect way to stay on top of your workouts through winter. Need something from the shops? Pull on your boots and walk it out. Plant some new winter crops in your garden, pick up the kids from school on foot or catch up with a friend on the run. You’ll be surprised how many movements you can fit into your day!

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