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How to treat yourself without sabotaging your progress

How to treat yourself without sabotaging your progress

Regardless of how motivated or switched on we are, we’re still humans – and sometimes we’re going to crave a treat or a reward after a long week of training hard. Everything in moderation is one of the best concepts to live by, because it allows you the space to indulge while staying accountable. While it’s certainly not helpful to eat a whole chocolate mud cake to celebrate kicking your weight loss goals, there’s nothing wrong with indulging moderately. Treating yourself can help you stay on track while setting up healthy celebration habits for the rest of your life. Here’s a few great tricks to enjoy a treat without sabotaging your hard work:

Take the focus off food
While flavours are the ultimate comfort for many people, many unhealthy food habits are created when we automatically connect eating with celebration. One of the best ways to minimise the self-sabotage when it comes to eating is to take the focus off treating yourself with food. Food is fuel for our bodies, and although we have the right to enjoy it, treating yourself with flavours can lead to a long and slippery slope. Think of all of the other great ways you can thank yourself for your hard work, and keep your body powered up with nutritious and wholesome food!

Get creative
So you’ve focused on your body and your health all week – why not indulge your mind now, too? If you’re an artist at heart and you don’t normally give yourself the space to create, now’s the time to get out the paintbrush. Not into creating? Give yourself the time and space to relax with a book, a puzzle or something that powers your brain. Remember, the body and brain are not separate from each other!

Invest in some new workout gear
Maybe you find the greatest of joys in fuelling your fitness routine. If this is the case, why not indulge and invest in something that will make your workout routine a little easier? Whether you’ve been eyeing off a new pair of sneakers, some snazzy leggings or even an at-home treadmill, kicking goals is the perfect time to treat yourself with some new workout gear and equipment! It’s bound to put you a step ahead in achieving your next goal!

Invest in a personal trainer
You may already have this sorted, but if you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it! While it’s perfectly fine to keep your fitness levels up on your own accord, those looking to take the next step should think about investing in a personal trainer. If you’re kicking goals and progressing like never before, it might be the perfect time to dive into the deep end and being working with a personal trainer!

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