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Low-Impact Ways to Stay Fit

Low-Impact Ways to Stay Fit

When people look at exercise, cardio and their fitness journey, it’s common to believe that you need to push yourself to the limit to reap the very best rewards. The truth is that low-impact exercise can actually be one of the most effective and beneficial kinds of exercise to lose weight, stay fit and kick other fitness goals. You don’t need to get a sweat up or push your muscles to the limit to stay fit.

In fact, for some people, high impact exercise is dangerous or unachievable. For a host of people including those with chronic problems like arthritis and pregnant women, low impact exercise should be your activity of choice. Here are some of the best low-impact ways to stay fit:

That’s right – the most common human movement is also one of the most effective and popular low impact exercises. Picking up the pace can add intensity to your workout, and so can walking up a hill. Walking is a great option for those who can’t handle high impact exercises or simply like to take it easier. One of the biggest draw cards of walking is that it’s a leisure activity that you can easily fit into the routine of your day: walking the dog, catching up with friends and going to the shops can all be a part of your fitness routine if you want them to be!

Taking the stairs
One of the best ways you can add a little extra movement into your day is by taking the stairs. If you have stairs in your apartment or house, you’re in luck! Just a few circuits of stair-climbing a day can do wonders for your health! Don’t have a staircase at home? Never fear, just be sure to take the stairs at every opportunity you get! Take the stairs up to the shopping centre and ditch the escalators – your body will love you for it!

Depending on your reasons for avoiding high impact exercise, you might fall head over heels for hiking. This is an activity that changes intensity depending on the track, so be sure to take a hiking track that you know is right for you! The unsteady terrain of hiking trails makes for a wonderful low impact exercise, and can easily be dialled up a level if you feel ready to work up a bigger sweat!

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