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Make the most of lockdown and further your personal training career!

Make the most of lockdown and further your personal training career!

With new COVID-19 restrictions rearing their heads again, it might be the perfect time to jump on board and further your personal training career. Regardless of where you’re at with its progression, there’s never been a better time than the present to continue – pandemic or not! With online learning at an all-time peak, personal training schools are stepping up their game when it comes to the digital world, creating more engaging content than ever before. With the focus switched to the online world, here are some great tips to start studying personal training whether you’re in lockdown or not:

Choose the right academy
While it seems obvious, this is the most important part of the learning curve. Without a great academy and the right approach to learning, it can be difficult to find your feet in the online learning world. The International Fitness Academy is one of Australia’s best fitness education companies, bringing over 30 years of experience to the table. With a solidified focus on the student and their potential, IFA is one of the most fine-tuned and resourceful academies to train with.

Create a schedule and try to stick to it
Staying at home for days on end can feel a bit dreary, so while studying it’s vital that you try to create a schedule and stick to it. Scheduled classes can help with that, but if you’re looking to make the most out of your studying, you might want to schedule some extra out-of-class time to keep doing the work. Creating a routine habit can help create a positive online learning experience!

Keep asking questions
The digital world can make learning feel very different, but it’s important that you maintain the teacher-student connection as well as you can. Keep asking questions, wanting more out of your tutor and engaging with the other students if you can. This is one of the best ways to make sure your learning experience is as resourceful as possible.

Create a study space
It can be easy to fall into bad habits while in lockdown, but you can reduce this by creating a separate study zone. When you create a space that is only used for study, your mind will gradually learn to link the space with being in focus mode. Your body and mind will love you for it!

Don’t forget to keep moving!
Don’t forget to practice what you preach, and keep your body moving! Partaking in study can be hard on your body and mind, so make sure you’re staying in tune with yourself and moving when you can. You might even like to stand up while listening to the course content!

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