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Joe Wicks

Meet the Body Coach, the man with the million-dollar muscles

Two years ago, Joe Wicks was just another jobbing personal trainer. Then he discovered Instagram and a fitness phenomenon was born.

So, Who is Joe Wicks?

Joe Wicks, 33, is an online fitness and diet guru who has launched his own books, TV show and become an internet sensation.

With a mission to “get people moving and eating healthily”, Joe has gone from a personal trainer to a multi-millionaire.

At the start of his career, he set up his own company in London, hosting boot camps in a local park. But the fitness coach’s success came when he discovered the power of social media.

In 2014, when Instagram introduced video, Joe began uploading various motivational clips about fitness and nutrition to his account. Once he gained popularity, he managed to turn his social media success into money by coming up with a 90-day exercise and nutrition plan – the 90 Day SSS.

Today, he has sold over 110,000 plans, boasts over 3.1 million Instagram followers, has a six-book publishing deal following impressive sales of his first two books and even had his own Channel.

Then, during the pandemic, Joe started sharing live workouts for children on his Youtube channel to keep everyone moving while staying at home. He created a free, easily accessible workout series called PE with Joe which was well received across the nation.

To get involved in a great range of Joe Wicks workouts, you can head over to his YouTube account where there’s a selection of exercises you can do anywhere from home to outside.

For Joe’s daily kids’ P.E lessons, find out everything you need to know here.

You won’t need any equipment to take part in the workout, just some space to stretch out and a positive mindset!

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