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Mental Health and Your return to fitness in 2020

Mental Health and your return to fitness in 2020

So if you are anything like me, 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year both physically and mentally. I started the year on a high; work, family and fitness were in a great place until the dredded COVID took over and then came at-home schooling (ask any parent how much fun this was), no socialising and I was now a highly valued customer of the local alcohol store as they were one of the only places still trading.

Fast forward six months and life is getting some normality, but what isn’t normal is my weight gain and muscle loss from replacing exercise with alcohol and bad food.  A recent family break cemented this after seeing a picture of myself next to my kids and being shocked…no more 6 pack, no muscle definition, basically the best way to sum it up was that ET was at the beach playing with the kids and having trouble keeping up.

I know from studying in the past how important it is to have your mind ready first. You cover things like: the 6 stages of behavior change, motivation theories, whether you are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated and other keys areas when studying a personal training qualification with IFA.

But how much attention did you pay to this subject? Have you thought about how to apply it to yourself, let alone your clients, or did you just get through the assignments as quickly as possible?

I’m lucky as I have experience in exercise and know what I have to do in order to apply it coupled with a great group of people around me, including my wonderful wife who is always supportive of my fitness goals. But what about that new PT client coming into the gym this week? Yes, they want to lose weight, get fit etc, etc, but what triggered them? And how as a PT or Coach are you going to take notice of that, get them to talk and open up about it and then apply the motivation theories you studied in order to get your clients mind and body right during this journey?

Thinking of a refresher in this? Reach out to the team at IFA and we can help you maintain and develop that knowledge.

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