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Like any great fitness studio or gym, you need resources for both knowledge and motivation. Our news is all about sharing with you our industry advice, motivation and key learning material to help students through their studies.

IFA Emma Jackson

The Olympian – Emma Jackson

Olympian, World Champion and Commonwealth Games medallist are three words often used when summing up Emma Jackson. The Queensland Triathlete has represented her country at countless competitions around the world since…

IFA Interviews - Mark Visser

The Night Rider – Mark Visser

He parachutes into the middle of the ocean to ride the world’s biggest wave, breaks world records during the dead of night and happily hauls himself onto monstrous 40-foot swell…

IFA Interviews - Todd Cohen

Four-time National OC1 Champion – Todd Cohen

There is no denying Todd Cohen is Australia’s best OC1 paddler, and with good reason. Having recently added a fourth national OC1 title to his name he is known in…

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