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Nutrition Myth #1

The cholesterol myth

Eating eggs leads to high cholesterol levels.
Adults are continually told that eating foods rich in cholesterol can elevate an individual’s risks of atherosclerosis and heart attacks. As egg yolks are a major dietary source of cholesterol, this has made them public enemy #1. However, research studies consistently show that dietary cholesterol intake does not correlate well with blood cholesterol – in other words, eating foods rich in cholesterol does not necessarily increase blood cholesterol or cardiac risk. Because the body makes its own cholesterol, eating more means the body produces less. And eating less means the body produces more. It’s only a small % of the population that doesn’t regulate blood cholesterol well – and in these individuals, blood cholesterol can be high regardless of dietary intake. If blood cholesterol is a concern, the best way to deal with it is to increase exercise activity and improve the overall quality of your diet – not to eschew foods because they contain cholesterol.



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