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Personal Trainer Workout Inspiration: The Deck of Cards

Recently, our team at IFA Training came across this workout while researching unique ideas to keep our clients motivated. Of course, we had to give it a go first, and to be frank, this is one of the hardest damn cardio workouts we have found to date. Be prepared to sweat, puff, and quite possibly, cry.

The Deck of Cards is a 52-minute cardio workout, which is perfect for any personal trainer or group fitness instructor looking for a bit of a challenge for their clients.

All you need is a deck of cards, or a deck of cards app on your phone, and a flat area on the gym floor.

Oh, and don’t forget a towel and water. Lots of water.

Ok, so to complete the workout, place your deck of cards face down. Set a stop watch to one minute and flip the first card over. Whatever the value on the card, that’s how many burpees you have to complete in that one minute.

Every minute flip a new card and complete the number of burpees on the card. Some minutes you may only need to do two burpees (bonus!), other minutes you will need to chase down 20 (bugger!).

To clarify, these are the burpee values of each card.

2-10 = The number of burpees is the value of the card
Face Cards = 10 burpees
Ace = 11 burpees
Jokers = 20 burpees

This workout doesn’t sound too challenging, but believe us when we say “IT IS!”

Will you give this workout a try? Go on!

Comment below and let us know how you went, or if you have tried this with any of your clients!


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