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International Fitness Coach Certification

From: AUD $100.00 / month for 12 months

We offer upfront payment or a payment plan over 3, 6 & 12 months for our courses.

Select your payment terms from the options below:


The International Fitness Coach Certification provides you with the knowledge and skills to ensure you can cater for the needs of most individual clients.

You will be able to seek work at gyms, men and women’s health clubs and spas, in fitness studios, on cruise liners and resorts and clubs across the country.

Learn about the following:

  • Incorporate Exercise Science into Programming
  • Exercise For Body Composition Programs
  • Instruct PT Programs
  • Instruct Group PT Programs
  • Provide Healthy Eating Principles
  • Programming for Open Spaces
  • Develop Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • Develop Community Fitness programs
  • Collaborate with Allied Health Professionals
  • Provide Motivation to Influence Exercise
  • Instruct Long-term Exercise Programs
  • Promote Functional Movement Capacity

Note:Β Our payment terms & conditions are available toΒ review here.Β  Certificates will not be issued until full payment for the course has been made.

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