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Science has proven the power of a high five!

Do you high five your client’s at the end of a session? How about your friends? Your Personal Trainer? The club manager?
If you don’t, then maybe you should start.

The power of a high five is incredible. Not only is it the most fabulous way to increase camaraderie, but it establishes a social connection with your buddy, which increases endorphins, and well, it simply makes you feel pretty damn good about what you or your client achieved.

Here at International Fitness Academy we are all about the high five. When we arrive at work, when we see a student doing well in their Certificate III or IV in Fitness, and when we leave for the day to head to the gym for a workout. A high five to our team is a way of connecting as Personal Trainers, and we have found it to be so beneficial for productivity that we thought we should share why with you!

highfive IFA

So, here is the thing about the power of a high five: it’s been scientifically proven to be good for you!

A study conducted on NBA players recorded the number of times they touched one another in a game (fist bump, high five or a pat on the backside). In 50 minutes of play, they saw a total of a minute-and-a-half of touches made between teammates.
Then the researchers looked at the teams with the most number of touches and saw that these teams placed higher overall on the leader board. Not only that, but teams with the most number of “touches” also had better stats on passing, and other game plays.
In other words, their team-interaction had improved their performance. WAHOOO!

So, now we know a high five can not only make you feel pretty damn good about yourself, it can improve performance.

Are you going to give someone a high five today?
Go on, give it a go when you arrive at work, or during a workout, or when you complete an incredibly hard set!

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