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IFA Trainer - The role of mindfulness in fitness

The role of mindfulness in fitness

Mindfulness is not just a trend: it’s the key to success. When we are mindful, we are focused, aware and in our most authentic self. It’s no wonder that research shows implementing mindfulness into your fitness journey comes with a realm of benefits. Maintaining awareness through fitness enables you to forge a deeper connection between your mind and body which results in a higher level of general movement, a larger reduction in BMI and an improvement in overall fitness. Here are some helpful tips on how to add mindfulness to your fitness practice:

  1. Stay aware of your posture – focusing on the physical body and ensuring your alignment and posture is sitting well is beneficial to both your body and your mind. By becoming aware of our physical bodies, we can also avoid strain, injury and over-exertion. We are only able to pick up on these feelings if we are acutely aware of our physical bodies.
  1. Focus on your why – for many of us, our fitness journeys can lack motivation. One of the best ways to regain motivation is to find your focus and consistently think about the purpose of our workouts. Visualising is a great way to focus on our fitness journey – picture your goals in your mind and you’re bound to find more motivation in your movement.
  1. Become aware of your surroundings – it’s the first step to becoming mindful in general, but becoming aware of our surroundings while exercising is a sure-fire way to connect with your physical body.
  1. Feel aware of your abilities and your fitness journey – it can be hard to see how far we’ve come while in the moment, so one of the best ways to stay mindful during exercise is to hone in on your achievements.
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