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Time management tips for a healthy life

Time management tips for a healthy life

Your health doesn’t begin and end in the gym, so it’s vital you’re also implementing healthy mental health habits into your routine as well. It’s all well and good to take our supplements, exercise and eat well, but if we’re stressed and burned out, what’s the point? Time management is a wonderful way to limit your stress, prioritise your time and maximise your impact. Here are a few of our favourite tips for prioritising time management for a healthy lifestyle:

Start a time diary for the week
Time seems to disappear into thin air each week – so why not start a time diary that shows you just where it goes? A time diary is used to detail your daily time usage, from activities to how long activities take you and when your best work is done. This can give you some great insight into your time habits and showcase ways you can improve or spend time in more impactful areas.

Set your priorities straight
Admit it – it’s not often we can tick every single item off our to-do list. But when we sit down and identify the tasks or activities that are high priority in our day-to-day lives, we can sharpen our focus and aim to tick at least those high priority tasks off our list.

Identity when your most productive chunk of time
Your most productive period of time is when you’re at your highest level of energy and mental capacity. Choose this period of time to complete your thought-consuming, intense activities, and you’ll find you’re zipping through them easier than ever.

Take time off to do things you enjoy
When push comes to shove, the most important thing in life is making time to do things that make you happy. For every period of 24 hours, we should try to schedule at least one activity that evokes a sense of pure joy. Whether that’s leaving time to finish your favourite book, make a delicious meal or call a friend, make sure you schedule the time in!

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