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Top tips for working out while looking after a newborn

Top tips for working out while looking after a newborn

So bub has arrived and you barely have time for a shower and a nap, let alone your pre-baby workout routine. There’s no doubt it can be tricky – but it’s also entirely possible to squeeze a workout back into your daily routine. With so many ways to integrate fitness into your day to day life, all it takes is a bit of motivation and a change in perspective. Here’s our top tips for working out while looking after a newborn:

Stick to a routine
Routines can go out the window when you have a newborn, but sticking to some loose kind of schedule can make a world of difference when it comes to getting stuff done. Having a general idea of where your day is going will give you the freedom to slip in a workout between bub’s lunch and afternoon nap, if you’re lucky!

Focus on the mental health aspects
While fitting in an exercise routine with a newborn can be overwhelming to say the least, placing emphasis on the mental health benefits could spark the motivation you need. Injecting a daily dose of activity into your day will keep you refreshed, energetic, alert and happy.

Break it into chunks
With a newborn, moments of peace can be few and far between. That’s why it’s important to be flexible, motivated and raring to go! Has the baby just fallen asleep unexpectedly? Why not fit in half an hour of pilates?

Join a mum group
When you have a newborn, your experience can feel alienating – but it’s important to remember you’re not alone! One of the best ways to combat these feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness is to join a mum group. Maybe you’ll find another mum to workout with!

Ask for help
It can be hard to ask for help, but sometimes there’s just no other option – especially if you want to maintain your healthiest self! By asking a partner, a friend or relative for a few hours of relief from bub, you can squeeze in a workout and stay on top of your physical and mental health!

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