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When Personal Training Gets Personal…

There is something about IFA partner and personal training coach, Jacob McLuskie that makes you want to run to the gym and high five every person in sight.

Seriously, he just has that effect.

The south Brisbane-based PT ‘s bootcamp, Positive Existence Personal Training, is about helping clients create a happier and healthier life through exercise.

PEPT Boxing

“Exercise isn’t just about getting fit and healthy, it’s also about creating a community of people who enjoy exercise and can forget about the stress of their jobs or lives and just get a mental break,” Jacob told IFA.

The 28-year-old began his career as a personal trainer seven year ago, finding his calling was not inside a gym but as a bootcamp instructor.

“I have always been into sport and training and I was actually at university studying a human movement degree when I remember getting an email about doing a course as a Personal Trainer, which sounded a lot better than working in warehouse packing boxes for an income.”

After completing his course in record time, Jacob secured his first job as a personal trainer, realising his natural knack for coaching others into a healthier life.

“I simply enjoyed opening people’s eyes to what they are capable of and helping them reach new heights in their life, more than just physically,” he said.

Quitting university, Jacob focused his career on personal training, building his business from scratch.

Seven years later, Jacob has 28 bootcamp locations across Brisbane and has joined forces with the International Fitness Academy to train others in building their own personal training careers, giving them practical, real-world advice on succeeding as a personal trainer.

“We provide a course for people who want to learn to be great personal trainers, improve their life as a take the journey of change and discovery,” Jacob said.

“People want to be a part of what we are doing and they are willing to change career because we have given them a system and structure to do that.”

Rocky Super Saturday


Jacob’s 3 reasons for changing your life as a Personal Trainer…

  1. Life is short
    I learnt this lesson when my best mate passed away at 21 in car accident.  You never know when your time is up so don’t waste a minute, don’t’ waste time in a job you hate. At the end of your life you’re not going to regret going after your dream so do something that excites you every day.
  1. No Your WHY

Understand why it’s important to you and how its going to be important to you in the long run. Think about how is it going to benefit you and the rest of the world. You could be the one who is helping people transform your life.

  1. Have a purpose

You were put on this earth for a reason, not for some shitty job. If you have a gift or talent then you are robbing the world if you don’t give that gift as much as you can. You’re not only letting yourself down and you’re letting the rest of the world down too.

For more information, contact Jacob here.

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