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Why it is important to vary your workout

Why it is important to vary your workout

It’s so easy to be a creature of habit, but when it comes to our workout routines, it’s so important to switch it up. With so many different kinds of exercises to trial, there’s no reason to stick to the treadmill if your muscles are pleading for a yoga session! Here’s a few reasons why switching up your workout routine is important:

Your body will adapt and become stagnant 
If we stick to one type of exercise, our body will eventually become used to this routine and will evolve to become very efficient. It sounds good, but this can lead to stagnancy in kicking goals, especially if it involves losing weight. Eventually your body will burn through less fat even while doing the same exercise. So switch it up to maintain a fast track toward kicking your goals!

Prevent injuries from overuse 
To add to the stangancy of keeping the same workout routine, you might also confront overuse injuries. Repetitive strain injuries occur from doing repetitive motions, and can be aided by mixing up your workout. Giving your overused muscles and joints a chance to rest and recover can make a world of difference when it comes to the functionality of your body.

Keeps your brain wired
This may seem like an indirect reason, but the connection between mind and body is so strong that we couldn’t go past this one. We all know that exercise is key to a healthy brain, but can switching up our workout routine keep it at its peak? Performing workout routines on autopilot does nothing for the mind body connection – instead, choose different kinds of activities as often as you can and involve as many different environments as possible. The aim here is to keep your brain engaged!

Keep up the motivation
By sticking to one type of workout, it’s a given that you’re far less likely to feel motivated. Instead of letting the motivation fail, feel excited about exercise again by taking up a new workout, working out with a new friend or going to the park to workout in a new space. Changing your routine up in general is the perfect way to keep your head in the game.

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