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Why perfect posture is important

Why perfect posture is important

Posture is one of the most underrated keys to great health. As the manifestation of habits formed over years, perfect posture is something that many people dream of. Referring to the way people position themselves while sitting, standing and lying down, poor posture can do a great deal of harm to the human body without you even realising. Perfect posture means your body is in proper alignment, without strain, tension or wear and tear. Good posture maintains the strength and health of bones and joints. Here are the main reasons why good posture is vital to good health:

Neck and back pain
Placing stress and pressure on your tendons, muscles and ligaments, poor posture can lead to terrible neck and back pain if not kept in check. Improving your posture is bound to go a long way in helping your painful symptoms dissipate!

Muscle and joint function 
In keeping good posture, your body can function perfectly and naturally. When our bodies function to the best of their ability, wear and tear is avoidable and we remain strong. If we exercise bad posture, our joints can be negatively impacted by erosion. In fact, poor posture is actually the most common cause of osteoarthritis! Keeping your body aligned and in good posture is a great way to keep your joints healthy.

When we slouch, our body is in an abnormal and unnatural position. This can impact abdominal organs and wreak havoc on our digestive systems. As well as this, acid reflux and constipation is common with poor posture. Sit up straight to ensure your digestive system is working like it should be!

Poor posture lowers your mood 
While this one is surprising, it makes sense when we consider the mind-body connection. It’s somewhat of a cycle: your posture can affect your mood, and your mood can affect your posture! Sitting up straight is more common for people who feel happy, whereas slouching is so easy to do if you’re not feeling the best!

The next time you feel low, try standing up straight and taking a few deep breaths. Who knows, it might be the boost you’re looking for!

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