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International Fitness Academy,

Work Experience Is Important… Here is why!

February means back to school – or in your case, study.

It also means you are closer than ever to completing your course, and starting your days in the gym or outdoors doing what you love.

But before you do, there are some important components of your course that must be completed, and that is your Work Experience or Practical hours.

Yes, the work experience or practical component is an important component of the course as it assists in the development of your practical skills, which you will put to use throughout your career. It is completed at a facility where you will be supervised by a qualified professional (eg. fitness instructor/personal trainer) while you complete structured practical tasks from the IFA Platform.

The tasks within the program are designed to give you the opportunity to refine your practical skills in a work environment under the guidance of a qualified and experienced exercise professional.

No. Most facilities are very open to accommodating work experience placement students. Supervisors volunteer their involvement in the Work Experience program so you are not expected to pay them for this service. You may be able to complete it at your local facility, alternatively, we can assist you in finding a suitable placement.
Yes. It is very easy to arrange and was one of the first tasks given to you when you signed up via Fitness Australia.
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